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Videos for The Academy

Shoulder Taping: for impingement due to instability
To help with control of the humeral head. Great for post op and post dislocations too.
Shoulder Taping: for shoulder impingement
Taping to help with Shoulder Impingement – this is not a fix but a passive intervention
Taping CTJ Unload
For headaches, whiplash, shoulder pain, arm pain
McConnell Taping: Patella orientation glide
McConnell Taping: Patella Taping Lateral Tilt
McConnell Taping: Patella Tendon Tape
McConnell Taping: Patella Orientation AP Tilt
McConnell Taping: Patella orientation tilt
McConnell Taping: irritated Fat Pad
McConnell Taping: LandMarks
Patella Taping – lateral guide
In order to assist tracking of the kneecap, we can easily tape it to help with patella medialisation
Taping explained
With any McConnell taping technique the tape is really important…here Matt Todman explains why.
Best exercises for Lateral hip pain
Bridging, glute contractions and weight bearing balancing: top exercises for lateral hip pain #feelthedifference
Expert advice for Groin/ Front of hip pain
3 exercises for any pain at the front of your hip or in your groin. Try them a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks.
Tight calf muscles?
#stretching hasn’t help…. This SLUMP test will tell you if it’s your calves which are tight, or if its something else.